Jane Boyer portrait by J. Pickering © 2013Jane Boyer is a Fine Art doctoral student at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. Her research interests are based in contemporary art practice, curation, theory, and philosophical concepts of simulacra and the self. Jane’s doctoral research asks if there is a relationship between autobiography and simulacra, and how such a relationship might affect views of self in artist/curator practice. She’s fascinated by repetition and the phantom mutations that often result through a repetitive process, so naturally Deleuze and Nietzsche are two of her favourite philosophers.

“Painting is a philosophical enterprise that doesn't always involve paint.”

This quote by Howard Halle is central to Jane’s practice. While she considers herself to be a painter, Jane prefers to let the needs of the work dictate the medium, often resulting in a multi-media approach. Jane considers communication to be the most important 'medium' in her work.

Enigma 5_3 by Jane Boyer © 2013

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