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Wall_1  2016 Jane Boyer Wall_2  2016 Jane Boyer Wall_3  2016 Jane Boyer Wall_4  2016 Jane Boyer Wall_5  2016 Jane Boyer
Protected  2016 Jane Boyer Pearls II  2016 Jane Boyer Half&Half  2016 Jane Boyer Home Etc.  2016 Jane Boyer Gold Marilyn  2016 Jane Boyer
Cursive  2016 Jane Boyer C  2016 Jane Boyer Recursion  2016 Jane Boyer Invisible Agitation  2016 Jane Boyer Dusting Memories_1  2016 Jane Boyer


Graphite  2015 Jane Boyer Enigma Wall  2015 Jane Boyer Internationally Postage Stamps  2015 Jane Boyer Internationally Collage  2015 Jane Boyer Topographically Collage  2015 Jane Boyer


Three in Me  2014 Jane Boyer Minerva  2014 Jane Boyer Poison Bottle  2014 Jane Boyer Gallery Moth  2014 Jane Boyer Remember Me  2014 Jane Boyer
Versions: Matrix  2015 Jane Boyer Versions 5  2014 Jane Boyer Versions 1  2014 Jane Boyer Versions 3  2014 Jane Boyer Versions: Vestige  2014 Jane Boyer


Beach 3  2013 Jane Boyer Bed  2013 Jane Boyer Curtains  2013 Jane Boyer Door  2013 Jane Boyer On the Green  2013 Jane Boyer

I'm currently working on a practice-led Fine Art PhD at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. My research involves simulacra and the self, in relation to artist/curator practice.

As an artist and a curator, the question of self and the role it plays in my practice is an important one, because I consider both disciplines to be autobiographical in nature, but neither my artwork nor curatorial projects are true autobiographies. They contain autobiographical elements, mainly becuase I'm at the centre of their making. I see my work as an autobiographical tale of a simulacral self: retelling a telling of an ‘I’ that does not exist. What interests me in this is not the fact of the autobiographical, but the way we use it to communicate.

I'm a multi-media artist whose work is increasingly produced through the mediation of a screen to satisfy some desire to recycle existing works. Whether this is a desire to recreate myself, recycle my output generating new possibilities, or simply to recover what was discarded or lost, I can't quite distinguish. All are accurate and none are, quite.

Critical Writing

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