Edited by Jane Boyer
Cambridge School of Art �2016

"THEOREM was the pilot project for an expanded PhD conference, which saw the presentation of pracice based visual art research together with theoretical research in the visual arts at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. The project proposed an exhibition of visual research to run concurrently with a one-day PhD research symposium, allowing the practical and the theoretical to be resented in tandem. The significance of this expanded conference paradign meant that practice-based research was given a format in which it could be experienced and interrogated first-hand, rather than at a distance through a projected-image presentation. This book is the legacy of that project."

THEOREM Cambridge School of Art �2016

Constellations and Canons
comparative analysis for thesis chapter
Jane Boyer copyright 2017

Artist/Curator Practice: the operational order of the performative
Critical Essay for THEOREM
Jane Boyer copyright 2016

An Intention to Being
Exhibition Essay for ARTHOUSE1 Gallery
Jane Boyer copyright 2015

Sabine Delcour: Bas--reliefs et Cheminements
Exhibition Review
Jane Boyer copyright 2014

Endless Proliferation: The Work of Helen Scalway
Jane Boyer copyright 2014

This 'Me' of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age
Published by Xlibris
Jane Boyer copyright 2014

On Self, Time and Context
from This 'Me' of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age
Jane Boyer copyright 2013

Ahoy! An Island
Exhibition Review
Jane Boyer copyright 2011

Energy In/Energy Out: The Work of Skip McKee
Jane Boyer copyright 2011

The Vintage Eye
for The Market Magazine
Jane Boyer copyright 2011

Interview with Alexis Vaillant
for Whitehot Magazine>
Jane Boyer copyright 2011

After 4000 Years of SciFi
Exhibition Review
Jane Boyer copyright 2011



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