Environmental Memory

Read my essay, “The ever-present expanse and the Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity 2.0,” published on the CRASSH website, at University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

In Environmental Memory, I simulate or anticipate memories not yet formed through a process of empathy where I try to place myself in the position of loss. As I grapple with growing feelings of eco-anxiety, I find myself asking ‘what will it be like if we are left with only memories of our natural environment?’ knowing in truth we could not survive such a situation. This disturbing thought has led to a body of work where the depicted landscape is fragmented, distorted and blurry, and where colours are exaggerated or perverted — all characteristics of fragile and inaccurate memory. In these images I visualise an internalised retention of the environment and the imprint it makes on someone who has experienced it. However, this is with a sense of how frail, fleeting, and vulnerable such memory may be if we lose the real thing.