As an artist-curator, academic researcher and writer, I make art and construct visual relationships with artworks, both within the studio and in exhibitions. I research through my studio and curatorial practice, and I contribute to the theoretical discourse involved in these activities. It is the dynamic of these activities that I wish to convey through this site. This site functions as both a portfolio for my work, and as an active gallery space, with online exhibitions of my artwork that rotate periodically.

Email: Jane@janeboyer.com
My current CV
Artist Statement
Doctoral thesis abstract
Portfolio sheet

As an artist: I make the artworks which appear on these pages. The works are for sale, and I am also available for commissions. Contact me if you would like to discuss a purchase or commission.

As a curator: I curate the exhibitions which appear on the home page. Selected physical real-world curatorial projects are visible in the CURATORIAL tab in the menu. I am available for consultation if you are looking for a curator for your project or if you are an institution looking for an independent curator. See my SERVICES page for fees and further information.

As a researcher: I am available for consultation if you are an artist, institution or organisation in the Creative Sector looking for a researcher to contextualise your work, uncover or interpret information in an archive or collection. Contact me at the address above to discuss fees and your research project. Selected research projects are visible in the RESEARCH tab in the menu. To read selected critical texts I’ve written see my CRITICAL WRITING page.