Critical Writing

Writing is an important part of my practice. The following are just a few of the recent texts I’ve written.

“The ever-receding expanse and the Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity, 2.0” published on CRASSH. In conjunction with the Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity, 2.0 exhibition at Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge, 25 Sep to 17 Nov, 2023. Curated by Sarah Strachan and Ayeshah Zolghdar.

The Moment Space Comes into Being, exhibition text for Marion Piper’s LUX, is here!

Read my latest essay, “…but also DO” written for Dr Véronique Chance on the event of her opening, 8 September 2022, at OXO Tower Wharf gallery as part of the Thames Festival. Find out more here.. Her multimedia installation revisits her project, Thames Run: Source to Sea. Véronique traced the river by running the course of the Thames River from its source to its flow into the North Sea.

‘The New Dialectics of Seeing’ in: Mythologies, Identities and Territories of Photography: Forever//Now, edited by Dr Gemma Marmalade and Dr Phil Harris, published by Cambridge Scholars.

Double Time curatorial statement by Jane Boyer. Artwork by Miranda Boulton and Jane Pryor, poetry by Kaddy Benyon, catalogue designed by Rebecca Fairman, published by ARTHOUSE1 Gallery.

Simulacra and the structure of the work of art by Jane Boyer published in JAWS Journal at Intellect issue 5.1 2019.

lookback@now curatorial statement by Jane Boyer. Artwork by Gabriela Schutz, catalogue design by Rebecca Fairman, published by ARTHOUSE1 Gallery.

Constellations and Canons: a comparative analysis for Phantom. An excerpt of this article was published in Theorem 2017.

Artist/Curator Practice: The operational order of the performative. Published in Theorem 2016.

An Intention to Being published by ARTHOUSE1 Gallery on the event of Desire Path, an exhibition of works by Andrew Vass and Nuala O’Donovan, curated by Jane Boyer.