Services for Artists

As an arts professional and trained researcher, I am pleased to offer a range of services for artists, art professionals, and art students through my website. Click on links in any of the categories below to find more details. I look forward to working with you!

Critical Writing

Are you an artist looking to contextualise your practice? Do you run an art space that needs an art writer? One of the elements artists need most to move their careers forward is a critical text that places their work in relation to historical and current contemporary practice. This kind of critical text supports and validates an artist’s work. It demonstrates how the work fits in to the wider scope of contemporary art. It can even help an artist to see facets in their work they hadn’t realised were there leading to new avenues of creative exploration. This is the kind of text that curators, gallerists, and art decision makers want to see. I also offer proofreading services for texts you write.

Go to my Critical Writing page to see some examples of critical texts I’ve written. Click here for my fees.


Are you looking for a knowledgeable curator to guide your project? Curating is more than just deciding where to place artworks. It is a research-intensive endeavour that brings insight to an artist’s work or a developing trend in creative production. Curators take a project and navigate it through venue negotiations, media promotion, funding bids and budgeting, transport, and so much more.

Go to my Curatorial page to see examples of some of the exhibitions I’ve curated. Click here to see my curatorial services and fees.

Visual Arts Research PhD Advice

As a Fine Art PhD, former art school PhD Student Coordinator, and lecturer, I have helped numerous PhD students through their arts research journey. Visual Arts Research requires a different set of skills than other academic disciplines for doctoral studies. However, with only generic training available at universities, these skills are often left to the PhD student to work out for themselves. This can make the PhD journey for the student arts researcher even harder. I can help demystify this process.

To find out more, click on this link.

Portfolio Development and Mentoring

Are you an emerging artist looking for ways to refine your image as a professional artist? The key to this is your portfolio. Having a professional portfolio that demonstrates your interests, skills, and the logic of your practice will help you to move forward and enable you to take advantage of artist opportunities. In support of your portfolio is a sound artist statement, a well organised CV, and a coherent social media strategy. If you are struggling to bring these things together, I can help you.

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