The project galleries shown below represent work through which I have developed a deep understanding of repetition in my aesthetic thinking. Repetition is central to the work I do and often it feeds the intuitive seeing I rely on to make work. These projects have led to my current work which is visible on the home page exhibition of this site.

The Conjugated Museum

In 2018 I was given access to The Fitzwilliam Museum Collections for a year-long research residency. Using my mobile phone, I photographed works that ‘pulled me in’ through an intuitive act of looking. My purpose was to explore how seeing was transformed in real time and to understand how my own process of looking mapped onto unknown cultural objects. I wanted to understand how objects were being transformed by these processes. This was a challenge because these transformations would not be visible—could not be made visible; they would remain in a latent state. Therefore, the space of these images is neither photographic nor cinematic—the space is virtual, with temporal disruptions, cascading fluid repetitions, spatial displacements and isometric geometries.

again or again and again

again or again and again, is a video compilation of screenshot photography from the blog that accompanied the Phantom exhibition that I curated as part of my PhD research. More about Phantom can be found here.


Reflex presented two different, but aligned groups of work. These are image that are not what they seem. One group are shadows cast from my mobile phone; so, images of an object capturing evidence of its own presence. The other are not images at all, but effects which create a sense of the familiar.

Echolalia (hyper-replications)

Echolalia represents a number of different approaches to reprography. This group of digital and analog works explored the replication, and what I call ‘hyper-replication,’ of a single image using flip and mirror functions in Photoshop and mono-printing to uncover latent patterns that are otherwise invisible in the single image. These form a variety of output from paintings to dye-sublimation prints on aluminium to vinyl wallpaper.


Working with chance occurrence, I painted a white wall black to uncover imperfections, repetitions, and duplications that would not have otherwise been visible.